The Fan Attic


John Brooker became interested in fans in 1983. After the first public exhibition of his work in both traditional and modern materials, he was soon asked to repair antique fans for collectors. He rapidly acquired an international client base which now ranges from the private collector to museums.

In 1995, he and his artist wife, Pippa ,after a chance enquiry from the film world, recognised that there was a niche market for their skills. It was inevitable that they should combine their separate businesses and form a partnership trading as “The Fan Attic ”.

John and Pippa at leisure

In 1999 they produced The Norfolk Hero fan, their first limited edition production of a modern fan made in the traditional manner, but utilizing the technology of the 21st century where appropriate. It celebrates the life of Horatio, Lord Nelson, born in 1758 at Burnham Thorpe in Norfolk.
He has recently found himself included in “The Last of The Line” by Tom Quinn and Paul Felix, published by David & Charles, a book of “Traditional British Craftsmen”.

In 2005 he ceased repairing individual fans, as a form of semi-retirement, but continued with all other aspects of his work.

In April 2006, John and Pippa decided to retire, but advice on the mounting, framing, or storage of fans is still freely given, and he continues to make frames.